ATP Retail

ATP retail solutions enable customers to easily place orders from anywhere over different channels including call centers, the Internet and mobile platforms. Orders arriving from various channels are consolidated under a single application, and customers’ preferences, order history and frequency are tracked. Customer satisfaction improves with accurate and complete deliveries. In addition, orders from infrequent customers can be increased by more than 10%.

Customers can be tracked over different channels (restaurant, call center, Internet, social media, etc.) and, sales & marketing activities can be shaped by analysis of customer data.

Order arriving over different channels are managed under one application; and customer preference and order frequency are captured.  Favorite orders are recorded and prior orders duplicated with a single key stroke.

Comments and rating of company social media accounts are tracked with a centralized application; enabling fast and effective management. In social media, where information spreads quickly, brand differentiation and competitive advantage are achieved with timely actions.

Complaints are a valuable source of information for companies. Exceptional customer experience can be created from effective resolution of tracked customer requests and complaints. Performamce can be tracked with configurable SLAs. Automatic alerts and escalation mechanisms can be established for delayed responses.

Customer loyalty can be improved 15% to 20% with CRM solutions. Special campaigns can be designed based on customer preferences an