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Digital transformation is improving business processes and the environment while paperwork becomes part of history andE-Invoice, E-Registry and E-Archieve become indispensable modules of ERP programs. ATP supports digital transformation with software applications and the reliability of cloud data storage.

Processes relying on paper are being minimized with effective use of technology and digital transformation applications that drive down manpower and costs. iIn 2015, 250 million electronic invoices saved the Turkish economy 500M TL, while porting of legal and commercial transactions to digital media provided speed and simplicity for companies and individuals.

Sending invoices and related recordings are done more effectively, reliably and easily with E-Invoice. Since transactions are performed over digital media, there is no need for paper invoces and copies are filed electronically.

E-Invoice data can be automatically transferred to systems such as accounting, ERP, etc. Integration with banking systems simplifies collection processes.

E-Archive solutions are environmetally friendly. E-Archive works with E-Invoice, enabling digital signatures and simplified reporting per government regulations. Government requested data can be uploaded while generating invoices, which can be sent via e-mail. Integration with POS devices allows for automatic recording of accounting data.

Information captured while generating E-invoices can be easily organized into formats required by government agencies.

Records can be turned into ledger entries without user information. Creating reports is simple and fast. Compliance is ensured with reports per government regulations.