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Founded in 1997, ATP (Ata Technology Platforms) is a leading provider of mission critical, enterprise class software platforms and services to finance, hospitality and other industries. ATP supports the digital transformation of major companies and brands in Turkey and around the globe. Innovative and comprehensive solutions create competitive advantage for customers, enabling improved services and user experience. Machine learning (ML)  and Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies provide insight to customer data and in turn support analysis for better decision making.

ATP brands – Tradesoft in finance, Zenia for hospitality and ATP Digital for support of digital transformation, provide software solutions and services to 450+ customers in Turkey, China and EMEA. A significant portion of the daily volume of the Istanbul Stock Exchange is executed by brokerage firms utilizing Tradesoft’s Global Trading Platform (GTP). Zenia’s hospitality industry solutions including sales (POS), restaurant management, fraud detection and multi-channel order-to-delivery are mostly provided as cloud based SaaS offerings. Data management capabilities and productivity tools of software solutions enable customers achieve sustainable profitability.

ATP’s solutions portfolio also includes IT infrastructure services, managed cloud services, e-government, e-commerce applications as well as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI). With a team of more than a hundred software developers and analysts with deep experience in their industries and a R&D Center focused on core technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, ATP provides creative solutions that comply with regulations and meet the most demanding needs of customers.