Founded in 1997, Ata Technology Platforms (ATP) is a leading provider of mission critical enterprise class software platforms and services.  ATP supports the world’s top brands with its solutions and services and develops high speed data processing technologies for fixed and mobile applications.  ATP also develops and manages IT infrastructure and cloud solutions, and has been a pioneer in IT-as-a-Service.


Along with its leading brands, Tradesoft in finance and Zenia for hospitality, ATP provides services to more than  300 enterprise clients in Turkey, China and EMEA.  A significant portion of the daily volume of the Istanbul Stock Exchange is executed over platforms utilizing Tradesoft’s Global Trading Platform. Zenia’s world-class Point-of-Sale solutions, with cloud based data management capablities and productivity tools, enables customers to enhance profitability and sustainability.


ATP focuses on meeting all customer needs with end-to-end solutions.  Our solution portfolio includes IT infrastructure services, managed cloud services and e-government applications as well as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and business intelligence (BI).  More than  one hundred software developers and analysts, with deep experience in their industries, provide creative solutions that improve the competitivess of customers.