Success Stories

ATP considers customers’ challenges and successes as its own. ATP strives to add value to every stage of cooperation by creating sustainable and scalable solutions based on expertise, speed and quality, and focuses on maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level possible.
Flexible, Cost Effective and Instantly Scalable IT

Ata Holding, a conglomerate with more than twenty five thousand employees, decided to boost its competitiveness by updating its technology infrastructure and systems.  The initiative explored the latest technologies, and targeted a flexible and cost effective system that could adapt quickly to the disruptive changes of the 21st century.


Taking on the lead for the project, ATP Technology Services reviewed the needs and growth plans of Ata Holding companies and created models for computing and communications.  ATP also built financial models comparing updating of existing systems versus use of cloud based outsoured solutions, and performed ROI analysis and assessed risks.  For the selected cloud solutions, ATP established the specifications andconducted the supplier selection and contract management process.  ATP also designed the communication infrastructure with suppliers’ data centers and supported the migration of hundreds of systems to the cloud.


ATP Technology Services, with in-depth experience in analyzing, designing and managing cloud solutions,  is ready to assist you to quickly and cost effectively acquire the latest technologies and to manage them for you.

Timely Client communication with INVEST2CRM

Ata Yatırım, a leading brokerage firm in Turkey, wanted to transform multiple sales channels with different user interfaces into a system offering consistent and improved user experience.  The firm kicked off a project for a unified platform with consistent user experience, higher speed and improved service quality.


Ata Yatırım preferred ATP Invest2 CRM solution for its ability to work with on-line trading platforms in the market.  In addition to simplifying client management, Invest2CRM allowed measurement of productivity and customer representative performance as well as management of all client data over a single interface.  After the implementation of the system, sales conversion has improved 30% and account activations were up 50%.


Invest2CRM, built on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM platform, is specifically designed for finance.  Brokerage firms can now capture the benefits of exceptional client experience across digital channels by working with ATP Consulting Services.

Tens of Thousands of Orders a Day Through Multiple Channels

TAB Gıda, the world’s largest operator of Burger King® with more than six hundred fast food restaurants in Turkey, decided to establish an end-to-end system to offer home delivery for millions of customers. They needed orders to be placed online or through a call center for delivery by motorcycle courier within the shortest possible time.


ATP Consulting Services, chosen as the contractor for the project, designed a solution using the Microsoft Dynamics platform, processing thousands of orders an hour while distributing them among  restaurants and tracking them until delivered. In addition to receiving orders over the Ara Gelsin call center and the Tıkla Gelsin website, ability to receive orders from Yemek Sepeti was integrated to the system.  Customer ordering through mobile devices was enabled later in the project.


ATP created an easy-to-use and secure system with no downtime for an environment where customer satisfaction is measured with accessibility, quick service and order accuracy.  Used with ease by customers and call center employees alike, the platform provides an ideal solution for companies processing a large volume of orders.