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Retail Solutions

ATP Digital retail solutions improve customer satisfaction with solutions ensuring on-time deliveries. Customers behavior and buying patterns are analyzed and coupled with programs to proactively manage customer retention.

ATP retail solutions enable customers to easily place orders anywhere over multiple channels including call centers, on-line or via mobile platforms. Orders arriving are consolidated under a single application, and customer preferences, order history and frequency are tracked and analyzed.

Customers can be tracked over different channels (restaurant, call center, Internet, social media, etc.) and, sales & marketing activities can be shaped by analyzing customer data.

Orders arriving over different channels are managed under one application; and customer preferences and order frequency are captured. Favorite orders can be recorded and prior orders can be duplicated with a single key stroke.

Comments and rating of company social media accounts are tracked with a centralized application, enabling fast and effective management. In social media, where information spreads quickly, brand differentiation and competitive advantages are achieved with timely actions.

Complaints are a valuable source of information for companies. Exceptional customer experience can be created from effective resolution of tracked customer requests and complaints. The performance of the process can be tracked with configurable SLAs. Automatic alerts and escalation mechanisms can be established for delayed responses.

Customer loyalty can be improved 15% to 20% with our CRM solutions. Special campaigns can be designed based on customer preferences.

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Logistics Solutions

The Warehouse Management system, running on Microsoft Dynamics, monitors warehouses effectively and increases efficiency. Working alongside an existing ERP system, Warehouse Management allows for centrally managed procurement, sales, warehouse operations and financial transactions. Integration of handheld terminals and IoT devices enable monitoring of warehouse transactions quickly and reliably within the ERP system

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e-Government Solutions

Digital transformation is improving business processes and helping the environment, while paperwork is becoming part of history. E-Invoice, E-Ledger and E-Achieve have become indispensable modules for ERP solutions. ATP supports digital transformation of government reporting processes with software applications and use of reliable cloud storage services.

Sending invoices and related information are done effectively, reliably and easily with an E-Invoice. Transactions are performed over digital media with no need for paper invoices and copies are filed electronically.

E-Invoice data can be automatically transferred to accounting and ERP systems. Integration with banking systems further simplifies the collection processes.

Information captured while generating E-invoices can be easily organized into formats required by government agencies.

Records can be turned into ledger entries without user information. Creating reports is simple and fast. Compliance is ensured with reports per government regulations.

e-Waybill solutions quickly transmit data from within the ERP system and allow for easy tracking. Customer e-Waybills are sent and received as encrypted data and are also stored in the cloud. Dispatch information held within the ERP system, can be used to generate dynamic reports for better management.

The solutions track regulatory and legal obligations, and provide warnings. Incoming waybills are matched with related records within your system. Document date and tax information checked automatically, and waybills are archived in the system. Thus, the solution eliminates errors; saves you time and money.

E-Archive solutions are environmentally friendly. E-Archive works long with E-Invoice, enabling digital signatures and simplified reporting per government regulations. Government requested data can be uploaded while generating invoices, and can be sent via e-mail. Integration with POS devices allows for automatic recording of accounting data.